The Chariot

January 1st 2018, a super wolf moon in Cancer. What a way to start the new year. Almost half way through my journey I pulled the Chariot, a card associated with the house of Cancer. I mean could it be more aligned? This card is all about the strength of will and transformation. It is a confirmation that you will be successful at all your goals as long as you maintain focus and determination. Be confident in your abilities, great progress and developments are being made. Continue forward, believe in yourself, this card is the thumbs up that you will be successful in all you want.

As a reminder to you all, I pull these cards at random, I do not choose them, they choose me. 2018 ads up to the master number of  11 and is is a number full of charisma, capability  and magic. It assures you that if you have a concrete goal you will achieve it, as does the Chariot.

So tonight, under the light of this super  wolf moon  map out a concrete goal, plan and wish that you want to archive this year. Believe me everything is aligning this year to make your goals a success.  Here is to an incredible new year ahead  great and magical things await this special project. Thank you to all who continue to love and support me, this has been one incredible journey.