Ten of Swords

On a new moon, the 10 of swords is released. It is not the most positive of cards as it deals with betrayal and indicates difficult experiences. However there is always a silver lining on the other side. Beyond the darkness and hardship there is a new light. Greatness will be born from the ashes if you push through. It is a time to cut chords and rebuild. This card is about releasing and just accepting your fate. You must fully submit to the pain, the sorrow and the hardship, for as soon as you do, you will be met with happiness and power. In a world filled with accounts and pages that spark doubt and jealousy, one must  turn away and internalize. Take a pause and realize that you come into this life and depart it alone. Stop trying to be someone else and just find your own power. Only then will you have conquered the card.The new moon is the perfect time to start fresh and new, happy hunting!