Five of Wands

The number five within the tarot typically deals with conflict and change. The Five of Wands, my 31st Tarot deals with the tensions and challenges of moving forward. In a world of social media, where everyone is trying to express their opinions and point of view it can feel as though no one is listening.  On so many occasions I have found that I fall deep into the rabbit hole of comparisons. So pulling this card made me look at this complex I have and address it. Everyone has a voice, but that does not negate my voice being heard. There is no right answer, whichever path you choose someone will not agree, someone may have done it before, you just have to remember they won’t do it like you. They do not have the same vision and the outcomes will always be unique to you. Stop looking over your shoulder and focus on what you want. Believe me, the universe will answer you.