"I have been for a long time by your side"

The Death card is perhaps the most feared and misunderstood card of the deck, Death is not a card that is not supposed to be taken literally! Calm down. It is symbolic of  endings in a major aspect of your life and the beginnings of something new and so much more valuable. It is a card that indicates significant transformation within your psyche. You must clear out the ways of the past in order to allow the new to grow and take place. Let go of the unhealthy attachments in your life, cut the ties and move forward. You will notice those seeds you planted, the dreams you wished for, will all start to grow, blossom and take place. The 13th card of the deck Death brings with it inevitable change. So get ready. It is with great excitement that I take a new step forward in the project, I will now be releasing one card a week, PHEW here goes nothing.