About Tarot

Tarot speaks to us in the language of dreams. Each suite, symbol, and hue is like a thread, leading deep into the labyrinth of the psyche. For thousands of years, the tarot has served to guide those who sought answers, to spiritual quandaries or mundane dilemmas. Even in the age of information, the hunger for answers has only grown, and the popularity of the Tarot has grown with it. Every two weeks, I release a new tarot under the new or full moon. It is said that the Tarot Deck contains secrets of the ancient Egyptians, whose priests have distilled their occult wisdom into the cards’ illustrations, imbuing them with great mystical power. The deck made up of 78 individual cards that are divided into two categories, major and minor arcana. The first 22 cards belong to the former and represent the mysteries and secrets of the universe as well as archetypal characteristics that house themselves within each of us. And helps us discover and confront inner issues that run deep below our surface.

Modernity and mysticism are the trademarks of my work; the images I create are portals, taking the viewer into a familiar mystery, teasing out archetypal symbols and hinting at ancient wisdom.