25th century was founded in 2009 as an archive for Luke's thoughts and inspirations. However, his particular eye for aesthetic and curation started gaining followers and grew quickly to over a million hits in just a year. Amongst that million was a girl living on a farm somewhere in Canada. Using 25th as her secret weapon for inspiration she began taking pictures based on the images posted. A few years later she reached out in hopes of getting her work featured on the site. Her second attempt was successful and five years later they are married and 25th has become the brainchild of Lucas Ighile and Ayla El-Moussa. It is the medium through which they interpret space and display their explorations in time travel, photography, music, film, and magic. As the name suggests their vision is anchored in the perpetual future, connecting the dots and pursuing an ever changing and evolving form of human expression…Creating works of art trying to put a ding in the canvas we call the universe.

Welcome to their 25th Century