4 of Wands

4 Of Wands

A trilogy of powerful energy rose this morning of January 31st. An eclipse of a blue, super moon. And I release my 38th Tarot - The 4 of Wands. This card is one of harmony, balance, family and love. It symbolizes a moment of tranquil peace. Any projects you have been working on will reach an important milestone. To all those artists out there and those individuals who doubt, you MUST reflect on the work you have accomplished and feel proud at what you have done. Not only should you be proud, but the 4 of Wands is a good omen that brings exciting news for the near future. This card combined with the incredible moon power is almost too much. A shift is about to take place so be clear with your intentions, cast your desires and wishes and know that the energies around are flowing strong. So, Reach out to your loved ones, reflect on your creations and just get ready ….this year is starting off on with incredible pace and it is only going to get better.